Crappie Crappies belong to the sunfish family.   They have flat, silvery bodies with black to dark green markings.  These markings vary in intensity, depending on the time of year and type of water.  During the spring spawning period, a male black crappie may appear jet black over much of its body.  Markings on the male white crappies darken around the head, breast and back.  Crappies from clear waters usually have bolder patterns than those from murky waters.  
BEST TIME:  Feb. thru 1st of May   ,   Mid-Sept - Jan.
Spring Spawn Temp: 62-65
Bluegill The name sunfish refers to the bright, sunny colors of these scrappy fighters.  Throughout the South, fishermen, refer to all sunfish as bream or brim.  The names originated from early American settlers who thought the fish resembled a flat-bodied European species called a bream.
BEST TIME:  Mid-April on
Spring Spawn Temp: 69
White Bass White bass thrive in lakes and reservoirs connected to large river systems.  They prefer relatively clear waters with gravel, sand or rocks bottoms.  But they also live in murky waters.  Unlike sunfish and crappies, white bass rarely seek cover.  Instead, they spend most of their time in open water from 10-30 feet deep.
BEST TIME:  Mid-May though October
Spring Spawn Temp: 58
Catfish During summer months cats love deep drop off of river and creek channels feeding out to a main body of water.  They love all kinds of  shad, worms, shrimp and herring baits.  Try bottom bouncing with med heavy jig and hold on.
Best Time: Mid-May through Sept
Spawn: 68-70

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